Baby Brezza is a american brand that have changed the way to prepare bottles and mix formula through one of the most innovative products in the baby industry; Formula Pro ADVANCED. Formula Pro ADVANCED prepares a bottle within seconds with the right consistency, amount of water and heat (body temperature, approximately 37 degrees celcius) every time. The machine is easy to clean and works with almost all brands of formula on the market. Lay back and let Formula Pro prepare the bottle for you while you take care of your baby. 

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Babymoov is a french brand that have developed products for babys over 20 years. Babymoov focuses on innovativ products and offers over 100 products within feeding, comfort, safety and nursing category. All Babymoov products have lifetime warranty.

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The Beebo was shown for the first time on Shark Tank USA in 2015 with Ashton Kutcher and Lori Greiner as guest investors. Both Ashton Kutcher and Lori Greiner saw the potential and invested in the brand and the developing of the product. The brand has its headquarters in Florida, USA, and the product is a innovative bottle holder that will let you use one hand to hold you baby more steady and more safely. The Beebo is sold in many countries and is a great success in each country that sells The Beebo. Read more about the product at